About the Artist

Nancy Boudreau

“Artist Known as Mom” is the child’s view of the workbench or easel always in the living room – kids, company or housework notwithstanding. Short of a career but more than a hobby. Creative impulse self-developed over sixty years – supported and encouraged by friends and family, especially her own mother Carolyn, her husband and her children.

Family background: Folks from the Midwest and industrial North meet Old Florida settlers, between Depression and war. Child of the Sixties, lives in the woods, writes poems sometimes, no TV. Painter, woodcarver, mural artist, sign painter. Builds things with scrap and salvage material.

The Art

Predominant themes revolve around spirituality, myths and symbols, and reverence for nature: the interrelatedness of all things.


  • One commissioned painting titled “The Tree” is in a religious museum in Mount. Abu India. Over a half million people visit the museum every year, the painting is copied and used in teaching all over the world.
  • A relief woodcarving was presented to the Chinese soccer team in Tampa. Most works are in private homes.







All paintings are copyrighted to the Artist Known as Mom, Nancy Boudreau.